Life Safety Services and Products

Chattanooga Fire Protection offers:


• Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspections
• Fire extinguisher services including 6 Year Maintenance and Hydrostatic testing
• Commercial and Residential kitchen suppression system installations and inspections
• Industrial and Vehicle suppression system installations and inspections
• Scuba and CO2 hydrostatic testing
• Accredited Fire Stop Contractors


• Fire extinguishers – Dry chemical (ABC, BC), Wet chemical, CO2, Clean Guard, Halotron, K Class, Water, Purple K, Foam, Wheeled units
• Fire extinguisher cabinets and brackets
• Water hoses, nozzles, racks and reels
• Fire extinguisher and Safety stickers and signs
• Smoke and CO2 detectors
• First-Aid kits
• Emergency and Exit lights/lighting, light bulbs and batteries
All of our technicians are courteous and hardworking. Chattanooga Fire Protection strives to satisfy all of our customers with timely and thorough work.